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Halloween Horror Nights in the Prop Shop

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!) then you know we pop into “The Prop Shop” just about every visit to Universal Studios Florida. The Prop Shop is a very unique retail location where the old magic shop was next to Mel’s Drive-In on Hollywood Blvd. In there you’ll find items that were actually used in various locations within the parks and some items that are just inspired by things in the parks. Today we are going to talk about the items based on my favorite event, Halloween Horror Nights!

Located straight back from the entrance to the shop, you’ll find a treasure trove of amazing props, signs, and other random objects from the annual event. These one of a kind items are available all year long! And even if you find some of these things too pricey to purchase, it’s still fun to browse and treat the section of the store like a museum. 

Just about everything has a price tag on it and just about everything is for sale! Currently you can find things specific from the last two events (HHN 25 & 26), but there are other “random” props that may have been used in Horror Nights prior. If you’re unsure of where and when the item is from, the Team Members that work the store are very knowledgeable about all the items!

Probably one of the most expensive items in the store is the life size replica of Chance the Clown, coming in at a whopping $4,500! One of the TMs that works in the Prop Shop told me that the Lucille Ball character that walks the streets of Hollywood came in and exclaimed, “Her face is too fat!” which is really quite funny for some reason. 

If you’re a huge fan of Halloween Horror Nights like I am, a trip to the Prop Shop to check out this memorabilia is worth the quick visit. Tell them Mikey and Joey sent you! And if there’s some money burning a hole in your pocket, that Chance mannequin would make a sweet present for yours truly! 

See you in the parks, Magic City Maniacs!

^Mikey @MagicCityMayhem

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The beer that shall not be named

Every Friday at 5pm, Joey and I like to cheers to the weekend and have a beer from somewhere around Universal. (Spoiler alert: it’s not live and we usually film it during the week.) For the February 17th episode, we had a very special beer. We heard a rumor that there was a beer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that was kept a secret. The fan community referred to this beer as the “Deathly Hallows”.

It’s a three layered beer made with Guinness, Strong Bow, and Wizard’s Brew. Since the symbol of the Deathly Hallows is a triangle, this “triple” is appropriately named. But because it’s not officially on the menu, and the creative minds behind the Wizarding World have a strict policy of sticking to the blueprint, you might not be able to order this drink by that name. Depending on how nice you are and how cool the bartender is, you may have to ask for “the triple” or specifically ask for all three beers in one cup. Give them a little wink wink, and hopefully you’ll be served up this tasty libation! 

I recently learned that they make a variation of this over at Finnegan’s in Universal Studios. And again, you might have to ask for it very nicely with a little wink wink. Joey and I are going to attempt to get the Finnegan’s version on a future episode of “5 o’clock Friday Beer”. 

Head on over to our Facebook page and be sure to give us a like and join us every week on Friday as we cheers to the weekend! You can watch us enjoy “the beer that must not be named” below. Maybe someday you can join us in the park for a 5 o’clock Friday Beer! 


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Islands of Christmas 

There’s a Christmas centric store in almost every theme park nowadays. And the Universal parks are no exception. There’s one in Universal Studios, but here we are going to look at the Port of Entry Christmas store. 

Open all year long, you can find just about any sort of Christmas item that’s Universal branded here. Ornaments, stockings, tree toppers, you name it!

If you’re ever missing the “most wonderful time of the year” (which to me happens to be Halloween), you can stop in here to browse around and get that special seasonal feeling. This store at IOA is much bigger than the one at USF and offers a wider selection of merchandise. 

What Universal Orlando Resort related holiday items would you get to help celebrate the season? Tell me down in the comments! Look for a post soon about the Christmas store over at the Studios. 

Happy holidays, Magic City Maniacs! And be good for goodness sake!


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Universal Mardi Gras parade 2017

The biggest bash this side of the bayou kicked off last Saturday with food, a parade, and Trace Adkins in concert! This year, Universal Orlando is treating us to their Mardi Gras parade every night from February 4th through March 25th! The French Quarter Courtyard will also be opened every night through the run of the event. 

February 7th was the only time this season to experience the parade at 5pm. Until we move the clocks ahead on March 12th, this seemed like a prime opportunity to see the parade with some sunlight! And it was awesome!

Everything that makes the Universal Mardi Gras parade amazing is back and it feels like there’s more of it all! More beads, more performers, and new floats! Six new floats to be exact! Each accompanied by dancers, stilt walkers, and other colorful performers that match the theme of the float. All the new floats are based on “mythical creatures” so keep your eyes peeled for some phoenix, dragons, and garden sprites! 

Visit Universal Orlando’s official website for details on what time the parade starts each day. We are working on a video of the parade and should be up soon. Until then, check out the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast! We can’t wait to get back to enjoy more of the party! FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW! 💛💜💚

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Mardi Gras begins at Universal Studios Florida!

On February 4th 2017, Universal’s annual “grand celebration” kicked off with Trace Adkins as the main event for the evening. 

The concentration of all the “celebrating” before the parade happens in the New York area. The street adjacent to the entrance of the Mummy is converted for this event to The French Quarter Courtyard. Lined with tents for food, drinks, and even psychic readings, it culminates at the end of the street with a live band! 

We were lucky enough to see some of the performers of the parade walking the streets prior to the 7:45pm parade. They were spotted on the street in the parade route from the arcade all the way to Minion Mayhem. They were very happy to take photos with guests. Most of them were in between the Jimmy Fallon attraction and The Mummy. 

Far and away the coolest thing about Mardi Gras this year is the celebrating doesn’t stop on non-concert nights! The Mardi Gras parade and the French Quarter Courtyard will be available on nights when a concert isn’t happening! Click here for more details! But it basically means more chances to catch the parade and beads and beignets! 

There’s a parade in the next couple days that starts as early as 5pm! We are going to that one and take advantage of the sunlight for photos and videos. Look for a Universal Mardi Gras parade exclusive post very soon!

See you in the parks!

-Mikey @MagicCityMayhem

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Mardi Gras in the Prop Shop

 Universal Orlando kicks off their annual Mardi Gras season today with a parade at 7:45pm followed by a Trace Adkins concert at 8:30pm. Concert is included with park admission and keep a heads up for incoming beads while watching the parade! Also be sure to check out the French Quarter Courtyard for more music, possible parade cast meet and greet, and Mardi Gras specific food options!

Be sure to visit the Prop Shop while you’re in the park. It’s where the old magic shop was next to Mel’s on Hollywood Blvd. We found some pretty sweet Mardi Gras related gems in there earlier this week! This store is stocked with props and aesthetics used within the Universal theme parks! There’s also just random stuff that wasn’t used in the park, but it helps give the store that “antique shop” or “thrift store” feel. 

They also have a good amount of Halloween Horror Nights related merchandise, but I’ll save that for another post. They tend to have the current season relatable items in the foyer as soon as you walk in. If you’re looking for that random conversation piece and you happen to be a huge theme park fan, this place is for you! 

Mikey @MagicCityMayhem

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Too Chocolate Stout

This week for 5 o’clock Friday Beer, we ventured to Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium at Universal Citywalk. Joey and I both had their signature beer, “Too Chocolate Stout” by Florida Beer Company. 

I think Joey might’ve had this beer before but this was my first. Have you ever tried this chocolate beer from Toothsome? What did you think? Watch the video below to see our reactions. 

Where would you like us to cheers to the weekend next? Want to join us? Send an email to Beer@MagicCityMayhem.com and lets chat!