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We got stuck by the Bride…

We shared this video 6 years ago today! We got stuck at one of our favorite parts of the Haunted Mansion. Although we didn’t get evacuated off the attraction, we still thought it was cool to be stopped where we were for a few minutes. 

Out of all the theme parks in all of Orlando, what would be your ultimate stuck point on any attraction? Tell us in the comments!

See you at the parks!

 -Mikey @MagicCityMayhem

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Star Wars videos

Lauren as Princess Leia in 2009

Magic City Mayhem’s YouTube channel is quickly approaching being online for 10 years. Now that I’ve typed that down, that’s really crazy to think about! Anyway, over the coarse of those 10 years, we’ve covered a wide range of content. Horror Nights, rides, attractions, parades. A full spectrum of fun. A small portion of that spectrum is also videos dedicated to Star Wars and Star Wars related events. Mostly taking place at the now defunct Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, here’s a small collection of those videos all in one place to enjoy today on May the 4th (Be With You). 

First up we have a video featuring some of the characters found at Star Wars Weekends. This was definitey a highlight of the event being able to see them walking around and getting photos with them: 

Next up we have one of my favorite videos of all time. It’s when Lauren got abducted by Zamm Wessel and taken to Boba Fett. Lauren was a good sport and played along with the bit:

This next video is dedicated to all the thirsty Troopers out there. I thought was about to get abducted again as I mouthed off to a Stormtrooper. Luckily, they just stole a sip of my soda and didn’t steal my Kool-Aid:

And finally, this one is actually my most viewed video of all time. Before the park would open for the day at Star Wars Weekends, they’d have these Stormtroopers entertain the crowd who were baking in the hot sun waiting to enter. Here’s an edited down version of their schtick:

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with some of our older Star Wars videos. Looking forward to possibly bring you some new ones soon! Happy Star Wars Day and May the 4th Be With You!


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The Fast and the Furious invade Universal Studios! Again! 

You might’ve heard by now that the next attraction coming to Universal Studios will be The Fast and the Furious: Supercharged! Taking the place of two attractions, Beetlejuice’s Graveyard and Disaster!(Earthquake), this new attraction will be located in the San Francisco area of the Studios.

Former location of Beetlejuice’s Graveyard
Beige building is an entirely new structure

The 8th installment of the movie series will be coming out on April 14th, and the hype train has pulled into the station here at Universal. In preparation for The F8 of the Furious, cars from the movie have been parked where the entrance to Disaster! once was. They’ve also set up a merch cart in that area as well as one in Citywalk.

Cars are parked out front of former entrance to Disaster!
Watch the video up top for a more detailed look
Cars used in the upcoming Fast and the Furious 8
The F8 of the Furious will drive into theaters on April 14

Some of the merchandise features images resembleming classic and vintage cars. It might not fit in too well with the modern look of the recent film, it kind of fits with the feel of Universal Studios and it’s classic Hollywood vibe.

Merch cart in Citywalk
Merch cart where the cars are parked

Looks like classic cars meets Miami in the 1980’s

The new ride is rumored to be something similar to The Reign of Kong. Out west at Universal Studios Hollywood, both Kong and the Fast and the Furious are both featured as part of their team tour. I think they might’ve elaborated a little more with Kong here in Orlando because they had more space and I think they might do the same with the FF. 

Because obviously Pop! Vinyls

This isn’t the first time they’ve put cars from the films in the parks. When the 7th installment hit the theaters, they parked the cars near the KidZone area. I think this time it’s more fitting by its new attraction. 

Do you think you’ll be picking up any of this new merchandise? Are you excited for the new attraction? It’s scheduled to open some time in 2018. I personally like anything new so I can’t wait to check it out when it’s ready to go! So until then, I’ll see you in the parks!

-Mikey @MagicCityMayhem on Twitter

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Universal Has Fallon Fever! 

Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show posse arrived in Orlando sometime over last weekend. Jimmy himself was seen in the Tonight Shop this past Sunday before he went to Wrestlemania (and allegedly sat next to Mark Woodbury) and took photos with some guests! Notice his Team Member name tag?

Photo courtesy of Trey Morningstar. Follow his Instagram @tmorningstarphoto

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon will be filming all this week at Universal and culminating this Thursday with the grand opening of his attraction “Race Through New York”. 

Sign for the new Jimmy Fallon attraction in Citywalk

The front area of the park has exploded with Fallon signs about the tapings, the opening of the ride, and sets for filming of the show. They even put some merchandise at the front of the Universal Studios Store.

Race Through New York merchandise at the entrance to the Studios Store

Guests attending the Fallon tapings check in at the entrance to the Blue Man Group path. Even though the tapings don’t start until 2pm, guests can (and have) check in as early as 9am! Joey and I will be attending the “red carpet” grand opening for the attraction on Thursday morning. 

Hashtag the Panda, the Tonight Show mascot, has been meeting guests in front of the Tonight Shop the last couple days
Musical guests for the Tonight Show tapings will perform on the Rockit stage. That’s the same stage where the Mardi Gras concerts are held. These performances are free for anyone that has a park ticket and obviously limited to capacity. These aren’t full blown concerts. Just one or two songs from the artists. Performers include Pitbull featuring Stephen Marley, Blake Shelton, Flo Rida featuring 99 Percent with The Roots, and Jason Derulo featuring Ty Dolla Sign. 

Just like the last time he came to town, this is a very exciting time to visit the Universal Parks while Fallon is here! We are looking forward to the grand opening of the ride on April 6th! Be sure to look for a Facebook live broadcast as well as photos and other videos from the day!

See you in the parks!

-Mikey @MagicCityMayhem on Twitter

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#FallonRide has soft opened

(Possible vague spoilers about the queue and ride. Read ahead with caution if you don’t want to be spoiled.)

As you probably have heard by now, Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon has soft opened at Universal Studios Florida. This is also called a “technical rehearsal” and I decided to give it a whirl a couple mornings ago. 

When I entered the building I was handed a plastic purple card with instructions on it. Then I walked down the long hallway to the first waiting area. Walking down that long hallway kind of reminded me of Twister. 

The best way for me to describe the first waiting area is, it’s like “One Man’s Dream” from Disney, but themed after The Tonight Show. Multiple windows showcasing props and memorabilia from different eras of the show’s history fill the room. Tv screens everywhere showing clips of the different hosts from over the years. I did a Facebook Live broadcast in this room. You can watch the replay ➡️here⬅️. 

When my color was called, myself and about 20 other people went upstairs. The next room I encountered had digital games on tables, and just a couple tvs here and there. We weren’t able to go into the next room ahead where it looked like the live entertainment would be. I was there before 10am so I might’ve just been too early to see it. Here’s a quick look around this area:

Then it was time to get hyped for “the show”! The next room was where we watched a brief video of Jimmy riffing with The Roots. And then we hear the safety spiel before boarding our Tonight Riders for our Race Through New York. 

I’m not going to mention too many details of the actual ride. I sat in the front row and thought it was pretty cool. It probably would’ve been better 2 or 3 rows further back. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan of the show, but the attraction was really fun from top to bottom. I look forward to going back and seeing the live entertainment (Hashtag the Panda, and the Ragtime Gals), but overall I consider this a definite upgrade from Twister. When you get a chance to go on it, let me know what you thought! The ride officially opens on April 6th. 

See you in the parks!

^Mikey @MagicCityMayhem on Twitter